Online Food Safety Lessons

You can earn two hours of training by reading through all four (4) food safety lessons and taking the quiz after each lesson.  Click on “Take the quiz!” after reading through each lesson.  Complete the quiz and click “Check my answers!” The results page tells you what percent you got correct.  (to receive two hours credit, you must receive 80 percent or higher on each quiz) Print the results page after each lesson, write your name on each page and this is what you will turn in so we can document your training hours.  To access the food safety lessons, visit:

ICN-Institute of Child Nutrition

ICN provides online training that can be used to meet the CACFP Training requirements.  To access the list of trainings available from ICN visit:  Then scroll down to the list of online courses.

You will need to login or create a profile to enroll in their lessons.  To receive credit, you must turn in a copy of your certificate to 4Cs.


Thirty on Thursday’s training webinars

You can register and attend the current webinar or you can access the Thirty on Thursdays archived trainings and complete the post webinar practice questions to receive a certificate.  Follow this link to watch the videos and answer the questions:

To receive credit, you must turn in a copy of your certificates to 4Cs.